Croydon Buddhist Centre

Triratna Buddhist Community (Surrey)

Registered Charity No. 270460

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Images below are taken around the Buddhist Centre.  This occupies a large site on Croydon's High Street comprising two shop frontages with two storeys above. As well as being the location for the Buddhist Centre itself, this houses Oasis Yoga & Health (a yoga studio and complementary therapy rooms) and our 'right livelihood business', the centre's gift and book shop.


We have a small but beautiful urban garden which offers a place to sit, and also an extensive library of Buddhist books and other resources. The Centre values its connection with local organizations and in particular welcomes visits from schools.For more infomration about school visits, please contact the centre at



The Triratna Buddhist Community (formerly the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order) is a worldwide network devoted to communicating and practising the basic truths of the Buddhist tradition in ways appropriate to the modern world. You can visit the main Triratna Buddhist Community website for further information.


Buddhism has expressed itself through a huge range of systems and practices over the last 2,500 years. This range of approaches can be rather baffling, especially since many of them were developed in very particular historical and cultural contexts. Rather than try to apply any one of these approaches the Triratna Buddhist Community seeks to mine the whole Buddhist tradition for its essential truths and then apply them in a way that is well suited to the needs of people living in the 21st century.


The Triratna Buddhist Community was founded by Sangharakshita, an English man who spent twenty years practising in a variety of Buddhist traditions in India, before returning to the UK in the 1960s. Since 1967 the Triratna Buddhist Community has grown to be one of the largest Buddhist movements in the West, with Centres and activities in many cities around the world. Our aim is to make Buddhism a viable spiritual path for the modern world and a force for good in society.


The Triratna Buddhist Community comprises people practising as Buddhists with a wide diversity of approaches according to their culture and interests. You can find out about Triratna Buddhist Community news stories created by these people and also about the particular approach of the Triratna Buddhist Community in India (where it was originally known as the TBMSG).


School Visits and Younger Visitors


Throughout the year, local schools arrange visits to the centre, as part of their Relicious Education curriculum, to learn about different aspects of Buddhist Practice. Teachers wishing to enquire should contact the centre team at


Although the centre welcomes visitors of all ages, not all activities are suitable for young children. Please contact the centre for information before attending the classes.


Protecting Children and Vulnerable Adults

We are committed to ensuring the sexual, physical and psychological safety of young people and vulnerable adults involved in the activities of the Croydon Buddhist Centre, as an expression of the First Precept: the principle of non-harming, or love.


We take our responsibilities very seriously in this regard. Our protection policies are based on the wider Triratna policies and are available on request from our Safeguarding Officer at