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Three years ago Vajragupta ran a day at the Croydon Centre looking at our relationship with time. Since then, he has been researching and reflecting on the topic further, and his book on time (Free Time! From Clock-Watching to Free-Flowing) will be published this spring. During this day he will invite us to return to the topic of time – asking such questions as: What is time? Why does it sometimes seem to go quick and other times go slow? How can we have a healthy and human relationship with time? This is a topic with immediate practical relevance for how we live our lives. Buddhism teaches that ‘our life is shaped by our mind’, and the topic also allows us to see how profound and far-reaching that teaching is. Even time is ‘mind-made’!

The day will include short presentations, meditations, reflections, and discussion. Please bring veggie/vegan food for a shared lunch.

Free Time! A Day Retreat with Vajragupta

Sunday 3rd March, 10.30am to 4pm


The Journey & the Guide

Wednesday 13th March, 7.15-9.45 4pm

We have an exciting new 8 week evening course with Mokshadarshini and Sucimani. We will be learning how to make the most of life. It will lead us step by step along the Buddhist path from mindfulness and emotional strength to receptivity, spiritual death and rebirth. On the course we will be learning how to put spiritual life into practice, here and now. Course participants will receive a copy of Maitryabandhu’s book as part of the course. Booking is essential. Enlightenment not guaranteed but it will be our goal! Please see poster, flyer and website (coming soon) for more details. - For regulars and newcomers £120/£90 conc.


(flexible payment options available, contact us)