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Mindful Way Through  Stress 4wk Course - starts Tues 29th Jan

This four week Mindfulness course will  help you learn new ways of handling stress which you can integrate into your daily life.

The key skill you will learn is mindfulness – actively and non-judgmentally paying attention to your experience in different contexts: in meditation, movement, in relation to your thoughts and feelings and, above all, as you go about your everyday life. This will enable you to see things differently and to let go of unhelpful responses to difficult situations – situations you would normally find stressful.  Cost £130. Please note booking is essential

Registration Form

This course requires registration. Please complete the attached form and email to by 25th January


'Impermanence as a Gateway to Freedom'

A chance to explore the connection between wisdom teachings (such as the teaching of impermanence) and freedom. We will practice simple, yet potentially far-reaching, ways of reflecting and meditating on impermanence. We will explore the freedom  potential of such practices and the possible pitfalls, and look at how to make such reflection an integral part of our lives.

Saturday Sangha Mornings - Welcoming back Vajragupta 16th & 23rd Feb, 2nd & 9th Mar 10.30am-1pm

What would the buddha say today 2

What Would the Buddha Say? a short introduction to Buddhism & Meditation Weds 3rd Feb 7.30-9.30pm

Four-week course looking at the actual words and teachings of the Buddha from 2,500 yrs ago, exploring their practical relevance for our lives-and our world- oday. We will also explore two of the meditation practices the Buddha taught. The emphasis will be on practical and positive transformation of our lives, and also on giving you a sense of the Buddha as a person and as spiritual teacher.


The Buddha taught in India over 2,500 years ago. He emphasized that the key to happiness and meaning was in people's own minds - in the thoughts, stories, interpretations, and commentaries that ticked round their minds moment by moment. He gave people practical ways to have more awareness and to choose more helpful thoughts and interpretations.