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As practising Buddhists we aim to behave ethically in all our dealings, both with each other and with the wider community. While we will inevitably sometimes fall short of our ideals, both the ethical precepts (training principles) familiar to all Buddhists and our own code of conduct give a framework for what we expect of those who help out at the Centre.


The precepts can be applied to all areas of human behaviour. This code is mainly intended to offer principles (and a few specific applications) in one key area: where Order members or other, more experienced members of the Triratna community are presenting and communicating Buddhist values to those who have less experience of Buddhist practice within the context of Triratna. It is to be applied especially in public situations, where a particular duty of care is owed.


In brief, the underlying values we wish to promote and exemplify can be summed up as kindness and non-violence, generosity and non-appropriation, contentment, respect and non-coercion, truthfulness, transparency and mindfulness or clarity. For more details, please follow the link to read the full code.

I undertake to abstain from taking life.

I undertake to abstain from taking the not-given.

I undertake to abstain from sexual misconduct.

I undertake to abstain from false speech.

I undertake to abstain from taking intoxicants.

The Five Precepts

The Positive Precepts

With deeds of loving kindness, I purify my body.

With open-handed generosity, I purify my body.

With stillness, simplicity, and contentment, I purify my body.

With truthful communication, I purify my speech.

With mindfulness clear and radiant, I purify my mind.

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Our Safeguarding officer is Prajnanandi


If you have a safeguarding concern contact:

Prajnanandi 2019 2 Croydon Child Protection Code