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We know from our own experience that our centre has made a difference to our lives, that’s why we come.  We want to be able to reach out to more people and so to make more of a difference, to help change the world through the Dharma.

Our Vision


We don’t have the money to expand.  The centre costs £300 a day to run and we just about break even.  So if we carry on with current income, we can only do the same as we’ve been doing - which has been limited, for example by not having a chair.

Our Problem

Vajragupta is prepared to move to Croydon to join our team. He will need to be supported (which will cost £8k per year) Mokshadarshini has become women’s mitra convenor and will be supported by the charity.


So, we have the opportunity to expand and deliver a bigger vision. But we need your help to raise more income for the centre and invest in our future.

Our Solution

How can you help?

Could you give a one-off donation or, even better, to give via a monthly standing order to the centre? If you already give,could you increase the amount you give?


 Centres get most of their income in through monthly donations – in Croydon there’s lots of scope to expand our income in this way.


Our Standing Order Appeal gives you an opportunity to strengthen your practice of generosity and make more of a difference in the world.


Please complete the standing order form here, and if you are a tax payer, please sign the Gift Aid Declaration. Please drop the form into us.

If you have any questions about completing standing order forms, fundraising or Gift Aid, please contact a member of the

Centre Team on