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The Dharmachakra Archives are the sound and text archives of the The Triratna Buddhist Order.


Free Buddhist Audio is the home of our online service. Here we distribute our collections as we make digital versions of them, and it's where you'll also find community users from all over the world uploading their own archives.


We hope you'll enjoy our selection of talks, interviews, seminars, and question-and-answer sessions from the early 1960s to the present day, including an increasing number in languages other than English.




We want to help build a space to promote participation in Buddhist community online throughout the wide and diverse Triratna world. The internet is a big part of many of our lives now, so we’d love to see something emerge that opens up possibilities for using it without compromising our ethical values or getting caught up in distraction!


We think it’s possible to use the internet to support what we already do well at our Buddhist Centres (friendship, meditation, Dharma reflection) and to offer new ways for mindful, positive and useful engagement with an amazing tool that can really help us connect with others, and share resources and inspiration!


We’ve a host of new features planned now we’re up and running. To stay up-to-date with our progress and learn what’s new on the site, we encourage you to sign up for our optional monthly newsletter under ‘settings & posts’ (see our email policy - we won’t bombard you!).


LINKS & RESOURCES is a collective venture set up by the Buddhist Retreat Centres featured on this site. All of the Buddhist Retreat Centres are run by the Triratna Buddhist Community which is dedicated to communicating the ancient teachings of the Buddha in the modern world.


Going On Retreat provides you with easy access to information for most English-speaking retreats at Triratna Buddhist Retreat Centres world-wide.


Each retreat centre runs a wide variety of retreats throughout the year exploring buddhism, buddhist meditation and yoga. Some centres also run specialised events which promote well being such as tai chi, shiatsu, massage, and the arts.

Clear Vision Trust

Clear Vision Trust holds pictures, videos and educational resources from the Triratna archives.  A wonderfully evocative resource!



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