Croydon Buddhist Centre


"The Dharma is the noblest of all gifts"            

                                                                        Buddha, Dhammapada

We want to offer all Buddhism and meditation classes without a fixed charge. We want instead to ask everyone who attends to give what they are able, in order to support the Buddhist Centre.


In other words, Croydon Buddist Centre is "priceless". Events will not have a fixed price. But the Buddha's teachings are so precious and valuable: can we all give what we are able to help share it?


We want to do this so we can widen the circle...

  • so that nobody is put off attending the Centre for financial reasons.

  • so that we relate to CBC as something we are all investing in together, our energy and generosity creating benefit to the wider world.


We are confident that this can bring about more abundance and resources for the Buddhist Centre to reach out. We can all help share this priceless gift!


We would like to invite you to consider (or reconsider) how you financially relate to the Centre. Maybe you used to pay when you attended classes? Or maybe you paid, and also had a regular donation to CBC? What would you like to do in the future? From now on, Buddhism and meditation classes will be free, though we will ask you to consider making a donation, and you can do this in a variety of ways.


   1. Regular donations

Regular donations are crucial to CBC, giving us a stable, regular income. Could you give a regular donation? Or, if you already do, could you increase, or even double, the amount? Could you give £60 or £40 or £25 per month, rather than pay at the door when you come to the Centre?


   2. One-off donations

If you prefer to do one-off donations, that's fine. You can do them online, or at the Centre. (If you give a regular donation, you can still do a one-off when you want, if you are feeling inspired and generous!)


   3. Gift aiding the donations

Any donation can be gift-aided, if you are a UK taxpayer (Details on Tax limits & Gift Aid here. Your tax amount is also listed on your P60). This makes your donation worth an extra 25%. If you have not already done so, please can you fill in the gift aid form here. You only need to do this Once. Then, if you do a donation at the Buddhist Centre, please put the donation in the little envelope provided, with your name and date, and this will allow us to collect gift aid.

Make a one off,or a monthly donation via Paypal

Complete a standing order form or set up a direct debit.


S/O Form


Bank Details: Triratna Buddhist Community Surrey R/C 270460

Sort Code 08-90-79

Acc 50075085

Fill in a donation/gift aid envelope at the centre reception.

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