Upcoming Events

  1. October Saturday Sangha Mornings

    4th: The Marks & Gateways: Unbeautiful & Beauty
    11th: Winter Tantra: What is the Tantra?
    18th: Urban Retreat Intro
    25th: Urban Retreat Outro: Radiate Love talk with Maitreyabandhu

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  2. Saturday Sangha Mornings in September

    6th: The Marks & Gateways-Introduction
    13th: The Marks & Gateways-Impermanence & the Imageless
    20th: The Marks & Gateways-Unsatisfactoriness & the Unbiased
    27th: The Marks & Gateways- Insubstantiality & Sunyata

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  3. Saturday Sangha Mornings in September

    6th: The Marks & Gateways-Introduction
    13th: The Marks & Gateways-Impermanence & the Imageless
    20th: The Marks & Gateways-Unsatisfactoriness & the Unbiased
    27th: The Marks & Gateways- Insubstantiality & Sunyata

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  4. Saturday Sangha Mornings in August

    2nd: Freestyle
    9th: 5 Spiritual Faculties - Energy
    16th: 5 Spiritual Faculties - Concentration
    23rd: Sangharakshita 108 year Puja
    30th: 5 Spiritual Faculties - Mindfulness

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  5. Saturday Sangha Mornings for June

    7th: Who Hates the Metta Bhavana? 3
    14th: Who Hates the Metta Bhavana? 4
    21st: Who Hates the Metta Bhavana? 5
    28th: Who Hates the Metta Bhavana? 6

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  6. Saturday Sangha Mornings in May

    3rd: Forgiveness
    10th: Approaching Buddha Day: Mara
    17th: Abhayaratna Trust Roadshow
    24th: Who Hates the Metta Bhavana? 1
    31st: Who Hates the Metta Bhavana? 2

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  7. Saturday Sangha Mornings in April

    5th: The Simple Life & the Great Outdoors
    12th: Faith
    19th: Gratitude
    26th: Hri & Ottipa with Dharmadipa

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  8. Festivals at the Croydon Buddhist Centre 2014

    Buddha Day - Sunday May 18th
    Dharma Day - Sunday July 13th
    Sangha Day - Sunday November 9th

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  9. Saturday Sangha Mornings in March

    1st: Seven Fold Puja 1: Buddhist Ritual
    8th: Seven Fold Puja 2: Understanding the Seven Fold Puja
    15th: Seven Fold Puja 3: Practice
    22nd: Sucimani & Dhammavijaya in conversation
    29th: Meditation Workshop

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  10. February Sangha Mornings

    1st: 6 Distinctive Emphases of Triratna - The Importance of Friendship
    8th: 6 Distinctive Emphases of Triratna - Right Livelihood
    15th: Parinirvana
    22nd: 6 Distinctive Emphases of Triratna - The Value of the Arts

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  11. Error on Introducing Buddhism course poster. Price should read £7.00/£5.00 PAYG and not £7.50

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  12. FULL MOON DATES 2014

    Thursday: January 16
    Friday: February 14
    Sunday: March 16
    Tuesday: April 15
    Wednesday: May 14
    Friday: June 13
    Saturday: July 12
    Sunday: August 10
    Tuesday: September 9
    Wednesday: October 8
    Thursday: November 6
    Saturday: December 6

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  13. Saturday Sangha Mornings for January

    4th: 6 Distinctive Emphases of Triratna - Centrality of Going for Refuge
    11th: 6 Distinctive Emphases of Triratna - Critical Ecumenicism
    18th: Vimalasara Book Launch - 8 Step Recovery for Addiction
    25th: 6 Distinctive Emphases of Triratna - Unified (but not unisex)

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  14. Buddhist Centre Classes over Christmas and New Year

    Tues 24th Dec: No Class
    Weds 25th Dec: No Class
    Thurs 26th Dec: No Class (but we have a Boxing Day practice morning - see poster in events)
    Sat 28th Dec: Sangha Morning as usual
    Tues 31st Dec: No Class (But we have a New Year eve event - see poster in events)
    Weds 1st Jan: No Class
    Thurs 2nd Jan: - Classes resume as normal

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  15. The Buddhist Centre Gift Shop is open extra hours on the run up top Christmas, so if you want a more ethical and unusual gift, please pop in and see us.

    1st-23rd December
    Monday - Friday 12.00 - 5.30pm
    Saturday 9.30am - 5.30pm

    24th December 12.00 - 3.00pm
    25th - 27th December CLOSED
    28th December 9.30am - 1.30pm
    30th & 31st December 12.00 - 5.30pm
    1st January CLOSED

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  16. Saturday Sangha Mornings in December

    7th: Recollecting the Buddha
    14th: Loving the Buddha
    21st: The Other Senses in Visualisation
    28th: Freestyle

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  17. Saturday Sangha Morning Classes for November

    2nd: Do you believe in Karma?
    9th: Maitreyabandhu Seminar on Love & Death. Also
    looking forward to the International Urban Retreat
    16th:Concluding the International Urban Retreat and
    Facing Sangha Day
    23rd: Conventional vs Natural Morality
    30th: Asanga's 3 Levels of Ethics

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  18. Upcoming Sangha Morning Classes for October

    12th: Not about being good series: Introduction
    19th: Full Moon Puja
    26th: Not about being good: Amalaketu visit

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  19. Wednesday Lunchtime Buddhism Class.

    This Weds (7th) will be the last Buddhism class for lunchtimes. There will be no class for three weeks.

    However on Wednesday 4th September we will be starting up a new lunchtime meditation class.

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  20. Saturday Sangha Mornings for August

    3rd: Freestyle (Sangha Weekend)
    10th: Living Insight 5: Bodhicitta
    17th: New Series:Conditions for Bodhicitta: Introduction and overview
    24th: Sangharakshita 108 year puja
    31st: Conditions for Bodhicitta: Intensive Dharma Practice

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  21. Talks from our Open Day are now online. Check out our Buddhist talks Page. They will shortly be uploaded onto Free Buddhist Audio

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  22. Saturday Sangha Mornings in July

    July 6th: Living Insight 2: Going for Refuge
    July 13th: Open Day
    July 20th: Living Insight 3: Going Forth
    July 27th: Living Insight 4: Entering the Stream

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  23. New Introducing Buddhism Course Starting Tuesday 2nd July 7.00-9.15pm. Exploring The Tibetan Wheel of Life. Drop in cost £7/£5 conc per night or £30 if you pay the 6 weeks in advance. Suitable for beginners.

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  24. June Sangha Mornings

    1st: Principles of Sangha - Forgiveness
    8th: The Dhamma Vandana
    15th: Understanding Ritual
    22th: The Sangha Vandana
    29th: Living Insight: Opening the Dharma Eye

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  25. Saturday Sangha Mornings in May

    4th Principles of Sangha - Openness
    11th Brahmacarya- The Simple Life
    18th Nagas, Nagarjuna, and Perfect Wisdom
    25th Full Moon Puja (celebrating Buddha Day)

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  26. April Sangha Mornings

    6th: The 3 Fetters 3. Breaking the fetter of Vagueness
    13th: The Triratna International Council
    20th: The Beauty of Mantra
    27th: The Journey and the Guide

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  27. March sangha Mornings

    2nd: Principles of Sangha
    9th: Stream Entry 3: Breaking the fetter of superficiality
    16th: The short Puja: discussion & practice
    23rd: Stream Entry 4: Breaking the fetter of vagueness
    30th: Freestyle TBC

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  28. February sangha Mornings

    2nd: Going Deeper into Puja
    9th: Wolf at the Door Taster
    16th: Visit from Kalyanaprabha: A Suprapersonal Force (Bhante & the Maha Bodhi)
    23rd: The Symbolism of Offerings

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  29. January Sangha Mornings

    5th: Stream Entry: a realistic goal in one lifetime
    12th: The 5 Female Buddhas & the 5 Wisdom Buddhas
    19th: Wish-Fulfilling Jewel Appeal Update
    26th: Stream Entry: Breaking the fetter of habit

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  30. Saturday Sangha Mornings November

    Nov 3rd System of Training - Spiritual Receptivity
    Nov 10th Why Commit?
    Nov17th Content-free class
    Nov 24th Realising the breadth of Triratna

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  31. Saturday Sangha Morning Topics for October

    Oct 6th System of Training: 4 Spiritual Rebirth
    Oct 13th Buddhist Symbols: The Lotus and the Vajra
    Oct 20th Breadth of Triratna
    Oct 27th Spiritual Friendship:‘Horizontal dimension’

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  32. September Saturday Sangha Mornings

    1st: A system of Training 2 – Positive Emotion
    8th Spiritual Friendship 1 – The Whole of the Spiritual Life
    15th: The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel Appeal Launch
    22nd: A system of training 3 – Spiritual Death
    29th: Spiritual Friendship 2 – the vertical dimension

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  33. Sangha Mornings in August

    Saturday 4th: The good old days
    Saturday 11th: A system of Training – 1 Integration
    Saturday 18th: Who is Sangharakshita?
    Saturday 25th: Sangharakshita 108 year Puja

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  34. Saturday Sangha Mornings in July

    Saturday 7th: The 4 Samgrahavastus – Exemplification
    Saturday 14th: A system of Training – overview
    Saturday 21st: Chanting – The mantras of the 5 Buddhas
    Saturday 28th: Welcome back our new order member

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  35. Sangha Mornings in June

    Sat 2nd: Confession and Rejoicing
    Sat 9th: The 4 Samgrahavastus: Beneficial Activity
    Sat 16th: Talk by Devamitra 'The Burning Monk'
    Sat 23rd: The Mandala of the 5 Buddhas: Vairocana
    Sat 30th: TBC

    (Posted on 2012-05-14 15:35:00 by )
  36. Saturday Sangha Mornings

    28th April: Mandala of the 5 Buddhas 3 -Amitabha (inc.mitra ceremony)
    5th May: Rijumati presents a talk on 'In the Footsteps of the Buddha'
    12th May: Radically Renouncing Blame
    19th May:The 4 Samgrahavastus: Kindly Speech
    26th May: Mandala of the 5 Buddhas Amoghasiddhi

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