Croydon Buddhist Centre

Triratna Buddhist Community (Surrey) Registered Charity No. 270460

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Some people come along to the Centre on a casual basis for many years, and you are very welcome to do this for as long as you want.


However after you have been coming to this Centre for a while, you may feel that you want to take your interest in Buddhism further. The Triratna Buddhist Community, of which the Croydon Buddhist Centre is a part, offers the possibility of doing this by becoming a ‘mitra’ which means ‘friend’ of the Triratna Buddhist Order.


This is primarily an act of commitment to yourself to follow a Buddhist path within, for the time being, the Triratna Buddhist Community, and this is witnessed by others during a special ceremony.


By taking this step, you join the ‘mitra sangha’ or community of mitras, for whom there are special opportunities e.g. to study together, and mitra-only events. These offer the possibility of peer-group support and friendships with others on a similar path to yourself.


Supporting mitras in their practice and study are our Mitra Convenors. For Women this is Amarapuspa and for men this is Hridayamati. If you are interested in becoming a mitra, or if you would like to find out about study and events for mitras you can contact the mitra convenors through the centre at