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Transform your Mind - Buddhist Meditation

Updated: May 14

Meditation can change your life

Meditation is more than a wellbeing tool. It is a practice that can totally transform your life. 

It works by turning everything you thought you knew upside down. 

Contrary to popular belief, your life is not determined by where, when and how you were born and raised. Whatever your life has been until this point, it can be completely different from now on. 

How? By transforming your mind through meditation. 

What you need is not out there

Life can be pretty boring. In our modern culture we try to forget about this by consuming more and going after new experiences. Buddhism holds that we don’t need any of that, instead we need to turn inwards. 

In fact, we have everything we need inside us. 

Transforming our minds is exactly about that: seeing that all we need, we have already. Life can be beautiful, exciting and abundant if only we could really see that. 

A cheap way to improve your life

You don’t need much to meditate. You can do it in most places, at home, at work or on the underground. No need for a forest or a cave. You don’t need special gear or expensive equipment.

You also don’t need to spend money to learn how to meditate. You can rock up to any buddhist centre and they will give you a warm welcome and all the support you need to learn how to effectively meditate. 

What you do need, however, is self-discipline. You will need to put in some effort to sit down to meditate regularly. 

This is why it’s helpful to join a Buddhist community, where people like you are also making an effort to transform their minds. 

It’s not all fluffy

Meditation is not all about stress-reduction and nice feels. Transforming your mind is not the same as calming it down, though that will likely happen as well. 

Meditation can take you to revolutionary heights and can get you to fight your demons. You can have visionary experiences. And all of this without taking mind-altering substances, or the price of a cinema ticket. Meditation is totally legal, and totally affordable! 

In case you find these ideas scary, fear not. Being part of a Buddhist community can help you make sense of your experiences, and take them deeper. 

Change your mind, change your life

No matter how much you look outwards for a better life, you won’t find it. 

You can construct the best life in an objective sense and still be miserable. At some point you will realise that you yourself will need to change to see the beauty and joy that life inherently is.

What you will need to do is sit down and meditate, then meditate some more. With time and consistent practice you will be able to transform your mind and have a better life.


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