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What is Buddhism?

Updated: May 14

So you think you know what Buddhism is?

What first come to mind when you think of Buddhism? Do you think of calm faces and Zen gardens? Do you think of monks in orange robes looking happy? Do you think of far off lands and strange rituals?

There is some truth in all of these ideas about Buddhism. But at its core, Buddhism isn’t about any of these things. These are all outward expressions of a life-changing path. 

Buddhism is a journey of total transformation that enables you to reclaim your agency, personal strength, and most importantly, your freedom. 

Why choose the Buddhist path?

Everyone comes to Buddhism for their own reasons. 

Some are stressed and want to calm down through meditation. Others caught a glimpse of something beyond everyday life during a psychedelic experience. 

Others still just have the feeling that there’s more to life than the consumer treadmill. 

All these are valid reasons to become interested in Buddhism. Yet most people find that when they dive deep, there’s way more to keep them occupied than they first thought. Buddhism is a comprehensive path to a life more connected, more meaningful, more magical. 

There are no entry requirements, no prerequisites. Anyone can lead a Buddhist life if they are willing to give it a good go. 

You can be a Buddhist, too!

While Buddhism is indeed a comprehensive path, that path looks different to everyone. 

That’s why it sometimes looks like yellow robes, sometimes like Zen gardens, and sometimes like strange rituals! It appears in whatever form it’s needed, to help people grow and develop. 

We all have our own backgrounds, our own conditions - we need different things to grow. Luckily, Buddhism is for everyone. Whatever your life is like right now, Buddhism holds that you can make it a better one. 

You might think that you are helpless - Buddhism can help get you out of the rut. 

You might think your life is awesome - Buddhism can make your life even better.



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